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Vocal Warrior Workshop

Take this amazing opportunity to work with Amanda Flynn! She is currently the company voice coach for Be More Chill on Broadway and The Lightening Thief

Amanda has a Master of Music in Vocal Performance with a Musical Theatre Concentration as well as an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy, both from NYU. She also completed her Certificate of Vocology at the University of Utah and was honored with The Janet Pranschke Professional Development Scholarship presented by The New York Singing Teacher's Association where she completed the Distinguished Voice Professional Program. She has been honored with the prestigious Van Lawrence Fellowship in 2019, presented by The Voice Foundation and NATS. In addition, she's completed the Mount Sinai Vocology Mentorship at the Eugen Grabscheid Voice Center as well as observerships at the Sean Parker Institute for Voice and the NYU Voice Center. She has also completed Level I of Biodynamic Manual Voice Therapy as well as the Foundations of MyoFascial Release for Neck, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders class where she learned about manual techniques to help release tension and free the singer’s body.

Amanda is a proud member of AEA, NATS, NYSTA, PAVA, VASTA, MTEA, and The Voice Foundation

Day 1-Vocal warriors will work with Amanda on 2 pieces of their choice. She will coach on various ways to sing the songs in order to maximize and maintain the health of the voice. The day will end a with a Q & A.

Day 2- Each vocal warrior will receive a set time to film the songs that were workshopped with Amanda the day before. She will be present for filming to make sure each warrior receives well performed footage of their songs. The day will end with a Q & A.

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