On Stage

Our theatrical seasons begin in the winter, with staged readings of plays we are inspired by. It is our goal to perform fully staged productions of these productions within the next calendar year.

FYAP Theatrical shows will reimagine how theater is produced, funded, and performed. We believe our mindful, structured, and well marketed plans aligns us to become a production company that produces theater that is a sure bet to not only return on our investment, but push the boundaries of the theatrical experience.


Unarmed & Dangerous, A Docudrama Play

This is the first original play that FYA Productions is producing. This thoughtful and heart wrenching story written by the remarkable - up and coming playwright, Breana C. Venablé.

Elliott Parks has been getting into trouble in school, though no one seems to recognize that his behavior is just a cry for help. Tensions rise in his family and community after an unarmed black man is killed by a white cop, a few houses away. With this tragedy so close to home, how much longer can the cries for help be ignored?