Every Stage is Ours


On Stage

Our theatrical seasons begin in the winter, with staged readings of plays we are inspired by. It is our goal to perform fully staged productions of these productions within the next calendar year.

FYAP Theatrical shows will reimagine how theater is produced, funded, and performed. We believe our mindful, structured, and well marketed plans aligns us to become a production company that produces theater that is a sure bet to not only...


Know It All The Podcast

FYA Artistic Director LaQuet Sharnell Pringle leads weekly interviews with artists, producers, teachers, and influencers, all of whom explain their own particular process of figuring things out. This is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to explore as many different walks of life as possible, and how those different experiences. Then diving into how those experiences can craft and inform the world we work within. We may not Know It All,...


Content Creators

Our resident performing troupe is full of multitalented artists who work together to write and develop various web series and sketches as well as short dance films. We then take these concepts and scripts to film, edit them ourselves, and make them available for distribution online and beyond.


Stay in touch

We want to keep you in the know. We will send out once a month emails with updates and special announcements that you won't want to miss out on.