No longer a Waiter

For as long as I can remember every teacher I’ve taken a class with or advice given to me I’ve been told to wait my turn. For a long time I took this to mean, wait in line and your turn will come. On that same page I was also told, build and create your own work so the industry sees you more. This left me a tad paralyzed for a great deal of my professional life. How can I both wait my turn while at the same time juggling the many balls one must juggle to create and develop their own work? I couldn’t figure it out. Which left me frustrated that there seemed to be a never ending amount of people ahead of me in the “line” and also upset that I felt like I was the only person trying to create my own works and not doing well enough with the work I was building to move up in the line.

So I stopped all together. I made a huge shift in my life to having a life outside of my career goals. I began making goals for myself as a woman, then as a wife, and now as a new mom. It was because I began to make goals for who I wanted to be as a person that, artistically, things started to fall in line.

There is no one way of going about accomplishing your dreams. What’s most important as you cultivate and set goals/dreams for yourself is that even in stillness there is motion. Forward motion is the momentum that is very often not given enough light because its linked with the big job or the amount of followers you gained. This was true of myself in the past. Presently I do not need to wait in a line for anything. I know what I want as a human, therefore my professional goals and dreams have been put in place to give me the momentum forward I crave most.

Take a moment for yourself RIGHT NOW.... Go On. I’ll Wait........................... What came up? Thoughts of what audition is coming up or fixing your resume? Or did you simply pause. No matter what you did in that time, you gave some needed pause to what your present self needed. I’m proud of you for that!

I guarantee the more you free yourself up for moments of pause, momentum forward moves will remove the feeling of waiting in line. It will continue to add to your clarity and help you to set the pace that is in sync with what the universe has in store for you.