For as long as I can remember every teacher I’ve taken a class with or advice given to me I’ve been told to wait my turn. For a long time I took this to mean, wait in line and your turn will come. On that same page I was also told, build and create your own work so the industry sees you more. This left me a tad paralyzed for a great deal of my professional life. How can I both wait my turn while at the same time juggling the many balls one must juggle to create and develop their own work? I couldn’t figure it out. Which left me frustrated that there seemed to be a never ending amount of people ahead of me in the “line” and also upset that I felt like I was the only person trying to create my own works and not doing well enough with the work I was building to move up in the line.

So I stopped all together. I made a huge shift in my life to having a life outside of my career goals. I began making goals for myself as a woman, then as a wife, and now as a new mom. It was because I began to make goals for who I wanted to be as a person that, artistically, things started to...